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  • Genre: Maps & Navigation; Transport & Delivery
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Release Date March 2009
Developer Uber Technologies, Inc.
Publisher Uber Technologies, Inc.
Genre Maps & Navigation; Transport & Delivery
Language English+
System Android, iOS
Version latest


Uber App Review

What does it take to become an example of revolutionizing? Uber has turned the whole taxi industry upside down; it made it easier to enter for drivers, and more comfortable for passengers. This way taxi experience has been taken to a new level.

Uberride Your Routine

The idea of the service is as old as the world: it takes intermedia to connect sellers and customers the most efficient way. Modern services provide connection, location and digital payments. Build a taxi service rested on these there whales, and you build the world.
So it happens with Uber. You start the app that detects your location and then you enter your destination. The app does the calculations and tells you the approximate price. As you place your order, drivers around you receive it, and when one of them accepts it, you get the notification in your turn. You can watch the car approach on the map, and when you start off, it tracks time and distance to calculate the payment more precisely. When you’re there, the payment is made automatically.
In this system reputation is regulation. Drivers and passengers rate each other, and those with low rates can find themselves isolated: drivers see orders cancelled immediately, and passengers wait for too long.
The convenience is undisputed: you don’t have to carry your cash or explain your location on the phone, and risk of inadequate company is reduced.
The final stroke is UberPOOL: if anyone else takes a ride your way, you can join your orders, so each of you has to pay less.

Uber Taxi Everywhere, with Some Exceptions

When you’re at home, you may consider it more useful to Uber from your computer. It’s easy to download Uber for Windows 10. Alas, there’s no official Uber for Windows 7 and 8. When it comes to Uber for Mac, there’s no official app either, but there are alternatives like Menucar.

It’s much easier with mobile devices the service has been made for. iOS client is available as a unified app, so there’s no separate Uber for iPad or iPhone. Of course, Apple Watch is supported too, so you can track the car or set your destination from it.
If you stick to some dated device with dropped support, running BlackBerry OS or Windows 10 Mobile, you’ll have to use web service instead.

How It Looks

The app is exceptionally easy to make out. When launched, it displays the map of your region with available cars shown on it. So you can estimate how long it will take the nearest driver to reach you before you start off.
Enter your destination in the only text field. As you start typing, the app shows options starting with the entered letters. You can enter it in any language: Uber database is multilingual. Your frequent locations are saved and then displayed first.
Then it asks you to select vehicle class: from the most affordable UberX up to luxurious Black. Selecting means confirmation. Then you only need to wait and (if you wish) watch the car approach.
It’s better to enter your credit card right after installation, so you can just confirm it when placing your order. But if you have already set up your, say, Google Pay, then Uber for Android can just pick it. The same it is with iPhone and Apple Pay.
When you have arrived, the money will be transferred automatically, and you’ll receive an email with detailed receipt on your ride. What you have to do manually is rate.

Tips on Uber

  1.  In some countries the service allows paying in cash. Elsewhere it’s officially banned, but some drivers are using a simple trick. When the driver accepts your call, they cancel the order immediately but still drive to you and get you to your destination, and then you pay in cash. It’s riskier, but as it’s practiced, it works.

  2.  It’s been reported that the service calculates the price according to your device. In general, if you place the order from Uber for iOS, you’ll probably have to pay more than you would with Android app. So if you have two or more devices and want to save some money, use the cheapest one.

  3.  If Uber app isn’t available in your country, the service obviously doesn’t work there at all. Yes, you can download Uber APK from any eternal source and install it manually, but, as there are no Uber drivers around, it makes no sense.

  4.  When using Uber for PC, you better check your current location twice. As PC’s rarely have onboard GPS modules, your location may be detected very approximately.

  5.  We have already mentioned Apple Watch integration, but Uber is just as better with any wearables, from Wear OS or Tizen watches down to cheap Mi Band trackers and likes.



If you ever use taxi at all, Uber is a must. Maybe you’ll be a bit overcharged for your ride, but ease and quickness are worth it.


  • A bit more expensive than traditional taxi services
  • No Uber for BlackBerry, Windows Phone/Mobile and other minor platforms
  • Banned in some countries
  • In some countries local analogs are cheaper and better localized
  • Have some issues with navigation.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • No cash required
  • No need to tell your location
  • Rating system helps with selecting the best driver
  • Has apps for passengers and drivers
  • Uber cab app easy to install
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